Just saying

Well, yea. We can’t stop the world from judging us. But we can control the amount of impact done to us. So long as we do what we want, who cares about what others think? BUT of course, it’s easier said than done. Most people cannot not bother about what others say. More or less we wouls be inflicted by it. But hey, we choose out our route. So, judge me all u want but there are many songs that represent us or what we want to do. This round, I thought of BTS – N.O . It’s Korean πŸ™‚ Theres a deep meaning I guess. Listen to it πŸ™‚ oh, don’t worry, you’ll find English subs πŸ˜€
β€œDon’t be trapped in someone else’s dream!”

For those lazy asses XP



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