Question? Answer!

So, recently someone close to me has problems with her know this type of stuff.. Idk why, but she asked me for advice *_* I mean, I dont have alot of experience girl.. But I tried, and we had a chat. It was meaningful mind u 🙂
Well, I just wanted to say, when you find your other half, don’t be hesitant about it you know. If you really like your other half, than, go all out man!
And to all dudes out there, BE A MAN! When your girl cries, make her smile. When your girl’s stress, make her laugh! When your girl seems troubled, solve her problem!
To all ladies, well… Be a girl? Haha idk how to phrase it but… Be realistic, your guy cannot be with you 24/7, give them space. You won’t like it if your guy messages you every hour asking where are u right? And, well, don’t be tooooooooo emotional. It’s good to express your feelings, but well, think before you speak, if you feel what you say may jeopardise your relation, think through before telling the guy!

Love is a two-sided affair. Relations need to be maintained with both parties willing to give and forget. Naturally, problems may occur, but hey, everyone gets into fights with anyone anywhere. Turn your head and you might see two complete strangers with each other fighting over a seat. THATS LIFE! If you feel your not ready for one, don’t risk it. Wait till your ready, you know? Maybe your other half *wink* *wink* may do something to help fasten the pace, but good things come to those who waits 😀



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