SpongeBob: What…

SpongeBob: What do you usually do when i’m gone?
Patrick: Waiting for you to come back.

I’m honestly jealous of Patrick and Spongbob’s friendship. I mean, they’ve gone through alot together you know. Their friendship bond is like so strong, and they love each other 🙂 I wish in real life this would really happen, at least for me *_* They’ve known each other since they were babies. I barely still know anyone from my kindergarten. I lost contact with alot. And, shit happened along the way. During my middle school years, alot happened, my best friend and i didn’t seem to work out. It didn’t really help that we weren’t in the same class you know. And after that we left for different schools. I currently do not have her contact, but i really hope to you know, get back together, have a chat or something. Well, it’s a cartoon, but i can’t stop thinking about it you know…


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