Daily Dose Of Life #1

I was out today with  couple of friends, and i couldn’t help but notice the amount of couples at the mall together.

So, i was reminded of the couples in my school, my thought was that, will they marry the person they are currently dating?

I mean, most of them were probably their firsts, at least, the friends of mine. So, since i know both parties, will it be awkward if (IF, unfortunately) they break up? I mean, some are cool with it, you know, still are friends after the break-up, occasionally joking about it or bringing it up. But, there are others who, well, don’t take it so well. Suddenly they become strangers and all, turning away once they see the other. Isn’t it weird? Won’t it be weird? Like, they liked/loved each other for a period of time, but after a short period, they become strangers. HONESTLY. I don’t know, cause erm.. heh.. i’ve never been in a relationship before. I understand under some circumstances, maybe… erm.. ok. Actually i don’t. IDK love ok…

Since i’m on this topic……..geez……..why not mention my crush? 😛

Sooo…. there’s this guy, we are currently in the same class for the second year running 🙂 BUT. I’ve kinda, maybe, perhaps, kinda had a crush on him since like 3 years back? I didn’t know him then, and he didn’t know me. We simply took the same bus to school. He kinda caught me attention? XP and 2 years ago, when i knew that he was in my class i was like… sjdfsnfoadsnkfndsogjoerhgjfdklnvfds. GOSH. SPAAZZZZIINNGGGG. They had a list of people who are in the same class, i pathetically didn’t know his name THEN. SOOOOOO, imagine the shock i had when i saw him in the same room as me 😀 His like quite tall? THIN man(jealous…) and had pale skin. Initially i don’t know him like really, other than the bus he took i don’t know anything bout it. THEN, fate decides to play with me. The teacher placed us a table partners !!!!!!!!! :O:O IKR. so we sat beside each other for like 3-4 months? Me, being socially awkward, and to add on i had a crush on himmm, we didn’t really talk much. But still knew each others name and talk for like a while each day 🙂 This year, we aren’t table partners, and it did not, i mean DID NOT help that his table partner is a like, you know, pop, aka beauty. And unfortunately, my seat is able to see them clearly. … Geez. Compared to seating with me he’s like 100x more hyper and talks more…………………………………………………………………. Jealous is an understatement.. Honestly, no one knows about my crush XP not even my best bud. heh. Cause i wasn’t you know sure of stuff….

Any advice appreciated always.. 🙂


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