We can’t stop people from having expectations of us. Parents, teachers, bosses, friends or classmates. They base their expectations on their impressions of us. I can’t deny not having expectations of my friends scoring well in a test or exams even though we have not taken the paper yet. Owing to the fact that we are inclined to think that they are smart, they will most definitely do well no matter what. This can come as a double-edged sword as well. On the bright side, this would give them confidence that they will do well, and that others have trust to think that they would do well. I mean, who doesn’t want to do well? However, they can also form up as stress. Too high of expectations can lead to fear of letting others down. Though they want to do well, but they have the pressure that they must do well, otherwise they would have let the people around them down.

It’s not bad to have high expectations, but the plus signs limit to who expects it. By having high expectations for others can give them the push they need to do their best, in turn letting them set high expectations of their own. BUT, the thing is, the expectations keep getting higher and higher as we grow. It gets more difficult to reach the target, this would result is us unable to reach out expectations. Unfortunately, this can be taken to two scenarios. First, the person takes the failure as a form of lesson, and learn from it, pushing him/her harder. Second, takes a big blow, believing that he/she will never meet the expectations or others and hence, deeming him/herself as a failure.

Depending on what you believe on, expectations can be either a devil or angel, heaven or hell, winx or trix (don’t judge me), you get what I mean. It can either assist in ur future or cause a disruption to it. This is, however, not telling you not to set high expectations of yourselves, but advising you not to set high expectations on others. People can set expectations themselves, we can use others to push ourselves to reach greater heights. We can measure ourselves using others, for example, getting a higher score than xxx the next time. Friendly competitions are good, but not overly competitive. This can also indirectly push others to achieve more as well, killing two birds with one stone! šŸ™‚

All in all, everyone will have hidden expectations of others, whether you say it or not. It’s hard to not to really, there is always a certain image we pressure someone to be and to always be. But the thing is, no one likes to be placed in a category. It’s not like everyone has a name tag consisting of a category like, oh, she reads everyday, she must be smart or hey, he plays sports, he must have troubles in his studies. NO. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Whether they do well or not is their thing. Unless you’re somehow related, it gives us no right to opening expect them to behave in a certain way. Speaking of this, people related plays a more important role, what you say or act will more or less influence them. They might set their expectations based on you! This can go two ways as well. One, the more you expect from them, the more they expect for themselves. Or two, the more you expect from them, the less they expect from themselves.

Ciaos XP


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