Your world

What if you had a jar, and you can put anything in it, what would you? It can be your dreams, photos, memories, people, anything.

The glass jar is what you define it to be, you can choose to show it to others or not.

What will you put inside?

What will be your definition of the glass jar?

#1: Happy

Glass jar defines what you’re proud of, wanting to show off what you have or had.

Memories, photos, dreams, aspiration.

You just want everyone to know. Know that you have dreams. Know that you have memories. Memories that you’re proud of.

Everything you want to show off to others. It defines the things that make you proud, happy about your life and the things that happened to you.

Keeping it forever, giving it warmth, care, concern.

#2: Depressed.

Glass jar defines an escape. A place where it gives you warmth, when you’re surrounded by the cold atmosphere. In the glass jar, lies nothing but yourself. From the cold world, the jar is the only thing that gives you warmth. But then, glass, a material that shatters too easily.

When the coldness seems too much for you to handle, the glass shatters. Placing you back to where you began. Coldness surrounds you again. You’ll never find something that gives you warm. Feeling as if the whole world is against you. The feeling that no one cares, loves, you. That feeling. A feeling. The deadly feeling.

#3: Lost.

Glass jar. It defines nothing to you. You feel as if you’ve got nothing to show. Nothing worth showing. There’s nothing for you to treasure as well. It’s the feeling, where you’ve got nothing to lose. Nothing.

Memories, only the pain you suffered.

People, no one really cares.

Dreams, it’ll never come true.

Aspiration, too far to think.

Love, when was the last time you felt it?


Different people will have different views. The jar, symbolizes your heart. What you’re keeping inside. What you want to show, what you want to keep.

The thing about the jar and the heart, nothing is everlasting. No matter how hard you try, it can never stay there forever. You can try to piece it back up, but you can’t deny, it’s hard. It’s hard not to get shattered.


Back in those days..

Do you remember back in those days, when you were still a child. That you cared nothing else but to play and have fun? You would hang out with anyone who would play with you. Talk to anyone when you’re bored. Speak up your mind and barely anyone gets mad at you? Well that was back when we’re young.

Now? Basically there’s more to it than to have fun. Most people would focus more on grades or popularity rather than play. Or maybe so. But well.. Now everything seems to matter. Who we talked to, what we do. It’s for the name, rather than the reason.

Back when we were a kid, dreaming seems so easy. We just played for fun, rather than focusing on making memories.

Now? We do everything for a purpose. Pride, fame, lies all exist now. To keep it, we risk everything.

Back when we’re a kid, there was no such thing as pride or lies. We laugh or cry as we want. We did stupied things. Laugh, cried, ran all we want, all for ourselves. Looking back now, those were probably the happiest times of our lives.

Now, we’re older. Then, we wished we could grow up faster. Now, I wish I can go back. Back to those days, where there is no stress.

But this is part and parcel of life. We grow up to be who we are. People don’t change, they just become more of who they really are. There is always this someone, or something that comes across in a point of your life. They/It brings you out of you. Gives you the confidence that you once lost.

Back then, confidence, is a bystatement. Whether you have it or not, there will still be people playing with you. Now, without confidence, you get played around instead.

Not as it seems…

I’m not as dependable as i seem.


Maybe i can console you when you’re down,

or maybe i can cheer you up when you’re sad.

Maybe i can provide you a listening ear when you’re troubled.

I can be there just as a friend.

Your friend.


I’m there when you need me. 

I’m jealous of you,

that you can show your feelings ever so simply.

I wish i could as well,

but alas, 

I’m not as expressive as i seem.


Beneath my constant laughter’s and smiles,

hides plenty of troubles and doubts.

It’s just me,

I don’t know how to show my emotions.


I can’t say i love you.

Not to my friends,

not to my parents.

Perhaps i haven’t exactly felt love before?


I don’t cry in front of anyone anymore.

This i’m sure of.

I don’t want to see anyone see me cry.

I actually really don’t know why.

Perhaps i don’t want others to worry about me.

Then again, who really does?


I have twitter and instagram,

but i don’t rant on my life like others do.

At least, not when i’m not anonymous.

Perhaps I can’t find that person who i’m willing to fess to.

But is there really someone?


I laugh easily.

So easily that you guys think i’m easily amused.

I am.

But the people who laugh most,

tend to be the ones who are suffering the most.



I’m ranting know.

I don’t know why.


all i can say is.

I’m not who i seem to be.


I wish i could be the girl who laughs 24/7.

I wish i could be the girl who does well in her studies.

I wish i could be the girl good in sports.

I wish i could be the good daughter.

I wish i could be everything everyone thinks i am.

But i’m not.


I wish i was, 

but no.


I’m the girl who laughs for half a day then cries alone in my room.

I’m the girl who struggles to keep up studying and hell she barely studies.

I’m the girl who sucks at running.

I’m the girl who can’t be compared to her sister no matter what she does.

I’m the girl who is not as dependable as she seems.


But the thing about this girl. 

Is that she worries too much about others.

She knows it, but it can’t be helped.

She gives advice who she can’t even follow.

She tries her best but can never reach expectations.



The thing about her,

is that she’s broken doll.

And the other thing is,

no one knows about her. 

The real her. 



There’s always a reason to smile.
A smile lights up the world.
Remember the time,
where everything seems down.
You saw someone smiling at you.
Instantly, you smiled back.
A smile lights up the world.

Always find a reason to smile.
There will be one.
Remember the time,
When you broke up with your first.
You realised that,
Perhaps he or she wasn’t the one.You smiled knowing you’ll find,
Find someone better.

Always find a reason to smile.
Even when times are tough.
Remember the time,
When everything goes wrong.
You’ll know,
Nothing can get worse than that.

It may not be easy.
But sure it’s easy to do.
Real or fake one doesn’t matter,
As much as other people do.
They may not realise,
That the smile may contain tears.
Tears filled with sorrow.

But you can’t deny.
Smiling lights up the world.
It’s a simple gesture,
That means so much more.
For all you want.
As they say,
Smile when you have teeth 🙂