Back in those days..

Do you remember back in those days, when you were still a child. That you cared nothing else but to play and have fun? You would hang out with anyone who would play with you. Talk to anyone when you’re bored. Speak up your mind and barely anyone gets mad at you? Well that was back when we’re young.

Now? Basically there’s more to it than to have fun. Most people would focus more on grades or popularity rather than play. Or maybe so. But well.. Now everything seems to matter. Who we talked to, what we do. It’s for the name, rather than the reason.

Back when we were a kid, dreaming seems so easy. We just played for fun, rather than focusing on making memories.

Now? We do everything for a purpose. Pride, fame, lies all exist now. To keep it, we risk everything.

Back when we’re a kid, there was no such thing as pride or lies. We laugh or cry as we want. We did stupied things. Laugh, cried, ran all we want, all for ourselves. Looking back now, those were probably the happiest times of our lives.

Now, we’re older. Then, we wished we could grow up faster. Now, I wish I can go back. Back to those days, where there is no stress.

But this is part and parcel of life. We grow up to be who we are. People don’t change, they just become more of who they really are. There is always this someone, or something that comes across in a point of your life. They/It brings you out of you. Gives you the confidence that you once lost.

Back then, confidence, is a bystatement. Whether you have it or not, there will still be people playing with you. Now, without confidence, you get played around instead.


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