2 Years

As much as I try, these two years will be the worst. I want to fit in, I want to enjoy, I want to play, I want to do things in groups, I want new friends, I want to socialise, I want I want I want.
These two years, it’s hard to survive. It’s just two years, but it’ll be long. I can’t wait for it to end. I’ll have no one else.
I don’t even know if I tried. If I have its not successful. It’s not working, it never will. Is it me? Do they hate me? Why don’t they like me? What did I do wrong? Why? I’m just me, I’m just like them. I want to have friends, I want to be close to them. I miss those years. Where I knew more people. I miss those times. Where everyone seemed closer.
Now. It feels like everyone’s a stranger. Just strangers who know your name.
Why can’t I fit in. Why can’t I join in. Why can’t I get along. Why do people not like me. Why why why why why why.
I don’t like this. I feel odd, outcast, hated, ignored, unliked, a burden. I don’t want this.
But it’ll be over in 2 years.
Just 2 years.