Happy. Everyone would be happy at least once in their lives. Happiest moments? Maybe getting married to their loves one? Seeing their children find love? Watching their kid playing? Or maybe simply being able to sleep through the whole morning and be awake cause you want to.

Well, happiness is when you are doing something you like. Being able to travel, or getting your dream job. Happiness can be simple, only if you imagine it well. Someone who only craves for riches and fortunes can only get artificial happiness. Those who are really happy, are those who lead a simple and fulfilling life. Doing what they like and whats best, what’s right.

Happiness is doing something that may benefit others instead of yourself. Love. Seeing someone you like loving someone else, is pain. But knowing that he/she is currently happy because they found their partner, one should be happy for them. Love may not be being with them physically, but supporting them emotionally.

Happiness is relieving those times where you live your life. Those times free of stress and burdens. The times where nothing seemed too much for you to handle.

Happiness is knowing your close ones are always by your side, and your always on theirs. No matter what hardships you may face, they still stick to your like caramel toffee, only leaving your once your flavoured the taste.

Happiness. Can be found with a single action, a smile, a greeting, care, love, joy, compassion. Spreading the joy out to others with a simple hug.

A hug. It can do amazing things. It makes us feel as if we know that there is someone always there for us.
A hug of happiness, knowing that they are celebrating for you, sharing the same happiness wiyh you.
A hug of sadness, knowing that they are there for you, comforting you whenever you need.
A hug of anger, knowing that somethings don’t go as well as planned, but they still care for you.
A hug of random, knowing that everyone needs love, at any point of the day.

Happiness, cue the smiles. 😀



We can’t stop people from having expectations of us. Parents, teachers, bosses, friends or classmates. They base their expectations on their impressions of us. I can’t deny not having expectations of my friends scoring well in a test or exams even though we have not taken the paper yet. Owing to the fact that we are inclined to think that they are smart, they will most definitely do well no matter what. This can come as a double-edged sword as well. On the bright side, this would give them confidence that they will do well, and that others have trust to think that they would do well. I mean, who doesn’t want to do well? However, they can also form up as stress. Too high of expectations can lead to fear of letting others down. Though they want to do well, but they have the pressure that they must do well, otherwise they would have let the people around them down.

It’s not bad to have high expectations, but the plus signs limit to who expects it. By having high expectations for others can give them the push they need to do their best, in turn letting them set high expectations of their own. BUT, the thing is, the expectations keep getting higher and higher as we grow. It gets more difficult to reach the target, this would result is us unable to reach out expectations. Unfortunately, this can be taken to two scenarios. First, the person takes the failure as a form of lesson, and learn from it, pushing him/her harder. Second, takes a big blow, believing that he/she will never meet the expectations or others and hence, deeming him/herself as a failure.

Depending on what you believe on, expectations can be either a devil or angel, heaven or hell, winx or trix (don’t judge me), you get what I mean. It can either assist in ur future or cause a disruption to it. This is, however, not telling you not to set high expectations of yourselves, but advising you not to set high expectations on others. People can set expectations themselves, we can use others to push ourselves to reach greater heights. We can measure ourselves using others, for example, getting a higher score than xxx the next time. Friendly competitions are good, but not overly competitive. This can also indirectly push others to achieve more as well, killing two birds with one stone! 🙂

All in all, everyone will have hidden expectations of others, whether you say it or not. It’s hard to not to really, there is always a certain image we pressure someone to be and to always be. But the thing is, no one likes to be placed in a category. It’s not like everyone has a name tag consisting of a category like, oh, she reads everyday, she must be smart or hey, he plays sports, he must have troubles in his studies. NO. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Whether they do well or not is their thing. Unless you’re somehow related, it gives us no right to opening expect them to behave in a certain way. Speaking of this, people related plays a more important role, what you say or act will more or less influence them. They might set their expectations based on you! This can go two ways as well. One, the more you expect from them, the more they expect for themselves. Or two, the more you expect from them, the less they expect from themselves.

Ciaos XP


No doubt everyone has them. It’s just a matter of how to solve it, or what nots. But it’s never easy.

#1: Family
No one has a perfect family, no matter how perfect it seems, there’s bound to be something somewhere. Well, at least for me. Some people get depressed because well, their parents set too high an expectation of their child. They would always feel as if their child can do better, even though the child gave their all. But of course, they say it’s for our own good, it will lead to a better future, but you know what, screw it. What we need is not good grades or scholarship, we need support and trust you know? We can’t put in our all if we feel that our best will never satisfy you. What’s the point? Care and concern, thats all we need and ask for, is it so difficult?

#2: School
People. Judgemental? You can avoid it. Especially in school. Like they say, if your fat, your judged. Too thin, judged. Get good grades, judged. Popular, judged. Normal student, judged. You can’t avoid other peoples eyes to land on you and not make a comment. Trust me. When I was like what, elementary school? I was kinda chubby, wasn’t exactly the size I am now, but hellloooo my age was like single digit then. Teacher had asked me to collect work from my row, there was this guy, who i clearly remember the name, calling me ‘fat’ and ‘ pig’. Trust me to be damn freaking shocked. Never in my life (for that few years) i had been called like that. It impacted me ALOT. Cause it’s like my first time, and you know, your first time in stuff normally impacts you the most. Yup, then, i lost some weight, at least i tried. Then, i gave up, cause i thought, why should i change just because someone called me names? But then, when i entered middle school, after joining sports clubs, and camps, i lost some weight naturally. But hey, no matter what you do, people will talk about you. You can either enjoy the attention, or cry other rejection.

#3: Friends?

What are true friends? People who will support you all the way, no matter what your choices are. I, certainly had my spill of it. Well, i evolved? And guess what, karma is really gets you back. When i was in like, erm, playschool? Well, around like kindergarten age, i vaguely remember being bossy like shit. I can’t REALLY remember what happened but i think i asked my then best friend to maybe perhaps not be friends with some other girl.. heh… But then, in middle school, my best friend, or so called best friend, well, gave me a taste of my own medicine. I befriended another girl, who she then asked me to stay away or else she’ll you know, break the friendship. … Let’s just say i was a bit, tiny, little, stubborn, and continued to be friends with the other. Who knew, she really did ignore me. It’s complicated shit people. Then, i can’t remember what happened (getting old…) she became great pals with the other and left me alone. GOSH. I’m not kidding. They still talked to me, we still went together and all stuff crap, but for partners for projects or trips they would partner up themselves, and well, leave me stranded to find another. Betrayal? I don’t know. Heh… We don’t you know, really know it each other since you know, high school happened…

YUP. This world is a hell of complications. It’s definitely easy to say ignore what they say about us, but it’s hard to really do so. We can’t stop people from judging us, cause judging has no limits. We can only you know, either silently weep, or stand proud. Proud of who we are. We don’t have to change for others, if we want to change, it’s up to us. And like they say, a person don’t change, they just become more of what they really are. 🙂