Happy. Everyone would be happy at least once in their lives. Happiest moments? Maybe getting married to their loves one? Seeing their children find love? Watching their kid playing? Or maybe simply being able to sleep through the whole morning and be awake cause you want to.

Well, happiness is when you are doing something you like. Being able to travel, or getting your dream job. Happiness can be simple, only if you imagine it well. Someone who only craves for riches and fortunes can only get artificial happiness. Those who are really happy, are those who lead a simple and fulfilling life. Doing what they like and whats best, what’s right.

Happiness is doing something that may benefit others instead of yourself. Love. Seeing someone you like loving someone else, is pain. But knowing that he/she is currently happy because they found their partner, one should be happy for them. Love may not be being with them physically, but supporting them emotionally.

Happiness is relieving those times where you live your life. Those times free of stress and burdens. The times where nothing seemed too much for you to handle.

Happiness is knowing your close ones are always by your side, and your always on theirs. No matter what hardships you may face, they still stick to your like caramel toffee, only leaving your once your flavoured the taste.

Happiness. Can be found with a single action, a smile, a greeting, care, love, joy, compassion. Spreading the joy out to others with a simple hug.

A hug. It can do amazing things. It makes us feel as if we know that there is someone always there for us.
A hug of happiness, knowing that they are celebrating for you, sharing the same happiness wiyh you.
A hug of sadness, knowing that they are there for you, comforting you whenever you need.
A hug of anger, knowing that somethings don’t go as well as planned, but they still care for you.
A hug of random, knowing that everyone needs love, at any point of the day.

Happiness, cue the smiles. 😀



There’s always a reason to smile.
A smile lights up the world.
Remember the time,
where everything seems down.
You saw someone smiling at you.
Instantly, you smiled back.
A smile lights up the world.

Always find a reason to smile.
There will be one.
Remember the time,
When you broke up with your first.
You realised that,
Perhaps he or she wasn’t the one.You smiled knowing you’ll find,
Find someone better.

Always find a reason to smile.
Even when times are tough.
Remember the time,
When everything goes wrong.
You’ll know,
Nothing can get worse than that.

It may not be easy.
But sure it’s easy to do.
Real or fake one doesn’t matter,
As much as other people do.
They may not realise,
That the smile may contain tears.
Tears filled with sorrow.

But you can’t deny.
Smiling lights up the world.
It’s a simple gesture,
That means so much more.
For all you want.
As they say,
Smile when you have teeth 🙂

I always knew l…

I always knew looking back on my tears would bring we laughter, but i never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cry.
– Cat Stevens

How true this is 🙂

When we look back on (some) things that make us cry, we would tend to laugh at how silly we actually were. Like, dropping our ice-cream when we were young, unwilling to go to school, or maybe our first break up.

But, laughter. Things that we associate with laughter often brings us happiness, tears? I never thought so. But it’s true. More often or not we would leave out things that we were once happy about. Looking back at those times, knowing that we missed those times. Looking back at those times, knowing that we were happy for a reason. Looking back at those times, wanting to return to that period of time. Looking back at those times, remembering that those happy times, may never happen again…As they say, people change, but memories don’t.