What if..

What if you lost someone. Someone whom guided you through life. Someone whom you’ve learned from and respect. What would you do?

Would you be lost? Loosing a teacher that taught you life. Guided you all the way. Been with you during your ups and downs. Always there to comfort you, support you. What if they’re not there anymore? Would you go all ’emo’ and give up life? Or.
Would you get stronger, knowing that they would want they best for you. They wouldn’t and didn’t give up on you, so you shouldn’t too.

Losing someone is part and parcel of life. How we react depends on how we see it. Just know that they are in a better place now. There, they can watch over us 24/7. You won’t always see them, or rather you can’t see them, but theyll always be with you. Always.

Getting over them doesn’t mean you forgot about them, it just means you’ve placed them deep down inside. In a place where they are always there. You remember the times spent with them. Memories. Recalling them. Loving them.

Don’t give up on life just because you lost someone dear. That someone still lives, inside. They want you to smile all the way. Every tear you shed, every laugh you give, every word you say, they know. Because they are with you all the way. 🙂



There’s always a reason to smile.
A smile lights up the world.
Remember the time,
where everything seems down.
You saw someone smiling at you.
Instantly, you smiled back.
A smile lights up the world.

Always find a reason to smile.
There will be one.
Remember the time,
When you broke up with your first.
You realised that,
Perhaps he or she wasn’t the one.You smiled knowing you’ll find,
Find someone better.

Always find a reason to smile.
Even when times are tough.
Remember the time,
When everything goes wrong.
You’ll know,
Nothing can get worse than that.

It may not be easy.
But sure it’s easy to do.
Real or fake one doesn’t matter,
As much as other people do.
They may not realise,
That the smile may contain tears.
Tears filled with sorrow.

But you can’t deny.
Smiling lights up the world.
It’s a simple gesture,
That means so much more.
For all you want.
As they say,
Smile when you have teeth 🙂